Our vision for the Startup ecosystem: Angela’s interview for #SEweek16

 startup_euro_week_fb_portada_organicersAngela Corbari COO-Studiomapp srl

Why did you apply for SEW?

I like the idea to be actively involved in the entrepreneurship’s spirit we are living these days. Also, as a member of a young startup, I immediately felt that this was a great opportunity for the local ecosystem and last but not least also for being a testimonial as startupper-mum (I have two children, the youngest is only eight months old. While I was pregnant and after the delivery I participated in many calls and events with her, so I’d like to share the concept that having a baby and creating startup is hard but feasible!).

What is your goal in organizing Startup Europe Week?

Public and private initiatives on entrepreneurship and startup tend to offer a restricted view led by the organizers’ objectives. The aim of this event is to take a picture of the whole offer in the area, to connect and combine different stakeholders, shifting the ecosystem toward a startup friendly area. Also I would like to involve many women entrepreneurs to talk and give advices about work-family balance.

What would you give to your local community?

A practical view about what’s on for startups in our area, an informal but effective meeting to strengthen the relationship between private and public stakeholders, an european wide opportunity to foster innovation and entrepreneurship locally, talks about startups, their people and stories. Networking opportunities. In a sentence to offer in just one event an “All you need to know” for (wannabe) startuppers. I also would like to involve more women.

What do you think your area need in order to be a Startup friendly zone?

We have coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators close enough in our area, so the next step is to grow an innovation mindset both for entrepreneurs and investors. Also from a woman entrepreneur’s point of view, we need more flexible family services for supporting the hard job that work-family balance involve.

What could Startup Europe and European Union do more about developing Startup ecosystem?

Drive for real simplification on setting up a startup in every european country (e.g.: zero bureaucracy, 1 hour online creation, fulfill all law requirements only using verified digital ID like the Estonian model), drive for a pan european tax reduction so there are no countries better than others to set up startups, helping women entrepreneurs dealing with work-family balance (e.g.: dedicated founding for women startuppers paying for babysitter or kindergarten, workshops or events with babyparking or babysitter, incentives and simplification for setting up coworking spaces with kindergarden).

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