SMAU MIlan: Studiomapp protagonist at the Open Innovation, Open Italy ELIS final

Massimiliano Garri, Responsible for the area Innovation, Technology & Solution in Acea, with Angela Corbari and Leonardo Dal Zovo.


We are happy to announce that 3 of the 10 co-innovation projects awarded during the Open Italy, on Wednesday 23 October, were created by Studiomapp with companies like Snam, Italferr, and Acea.

Leonardo Alberto Dal Zovo, cofounder and technical director of Studiomapp comments: “We are specialized in artificial intelligence applied to satellite images and drones to create solutions that have a positive impact on our society, the economy and our planet. Using these technologies, last October we were the only European company to win a challenge from the US Department of Defense to speed up rescue operations after natural disasters, and in May we were the first startup to win a NATO Communication and Information Agency to help combat illegal fishing, and last September we were invited to take part in some events of the United Nations General Assembly due to the positive impact of our projects towards achieving the Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 “.

Angela Corbari adds: “It is a great satisfaction, after several international awards, to contribute to the digital transformation paths of large companies in Italy. We have demonstrated how our technology is not only able to create strategic value in the industrial, energy and critical infrastructure monitoring fields, but it is also capable of doing so in a sustainable way in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are therefore more than satisfied with the excellent results of these projects, made possible thanks to the excellent teamwork with all the people of the various corporations with whom we have co-innovated during these intense months of work in close contact”.

Studiomapp is supported by prestigious institutions and organizations, including the European Space Agency, the Italian Space Agency and Lazio Innova through ESA BIC Lazio, and has been part of the Global Startup Program, the internationalization program of the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE, and the Climate-KIC acceleration program managed in Italy by ART-ER.


Our projects

The projects, already mentioned in the report “Digital with Purpose” presented during the United Nations General Assembly for the contribution in achieving objective 9 on Industry, Innovation and Infrastructures, have been developed with different Italian realities within the framework of Open Italy, a meeting program between corporate and startups to encourage the collaboration organized by Elis.


Urban Intelligence

The “Urban Intelligence” project carried out together with Acea and Minsait, a company of Indra, saw the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed by Studiomapp and applied to satellite images, made available thanks to the development of an interactive dashboard for identification of illegal dumps, breakdowns and disturbing elements in the public lighting network, in order to create innovative services to improve the quality of life of citizens.


AI Computer Vision

In the project “AI Computer Vision” with Snam, the European leader in the construction and integrated management of natural gas infrastructures, Studiomapp has developed artificial vision algorithms on very high resolution satellite images to make the monitoring of gas infrastructures more efficient in predictive context in-operation, for the purpose of remotely recognizing and categorizing potentially dangerous interferences on the gas pipeline.


DEoS – Digital Eyes on Site

The “DEoS – Digital Eyes on Site” project had the objective of simplifying, automating and organizing the data acquisition and processing procedures to support the design and construction management activities, through the integrated use of innovative technologies such as Object Detection, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on drone images analyzed by Studiomapp. The project was carried out together with Italferr, Sirti, and the startups Difly and Tolemaica.


The event was organized by ELIS, a non-profit organization that is aimed at young people, professionals and companies to respond to the school-work gap, youth unemployment and contribute to the sustainable development of Startups. There is a common thread that connects all ELIS activities and that holds together its history, the search for innovation and social attention: it is the project to trace and fill through the training at work those distances that too often separate the large and small: the Startup from the large company, the provincial youth from an important opportunity, the unemployed from a new working perspective, the people of the south of the world from a highly specialized education. Every six months, under the guidance of a consortium company, technological innovation projects are carried out or on issues of public interest.