Copernicus Academy

With its flagship Copernicus Programme, the EU is changing the world of Earth Observation. Vast amounts of Copernicus Sentinel data are freely, fully and openly available to researchers, the business world as well as every citizen providing ample opportunity for innovation across all industries and sectors.

The Copernicus Relays are the regional voices of Copernicus in the individual Member States, thus bridging the EC and the end-users of Copernicus. The Academy aims to educate and release an increasing amount of Copernicus-savvy people into the workforce and brings together the EC and the educational and research organisation in the EU.

As of today, the Network includes 61 Relays and 79 Academy members and Studiomapp is one of Studiomapp is one of the 7 Copernicus Academy in Italy

Studiomapp design and disseminates training courses on the use of Copernicus geospatial data.

Upcoming dates:

Bologna (Italy) 25 and 26 October 2017: one day courses on Agribusiness and Smart City.